Completed Deals

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TAP…that’s the program that helped our buyer find and close on Lee Pharmacy in short period of time.
The corporate buyer from Jonesboro, Arkansas contacted us and wanted to buy only certain types of businesses in certain parts of Arkansas.

We met with the buyer and presented them with our TAP (www.tapbiz.biz) program which helps buyers find just the right business in the shortest amount of time. The slogan for TAP is, “Because the business you want to buy isn’t for sale.”

That was the case for Lee Pharmacy, the business wasn’t on the market and not for sale. However, when contacted by letter with an explanation about the buyer, Warren Lee called and expressed interest in selling. The deal was put together an closing took place on terms satisfactory for both Mr. Lee and the Buyer. Mr. Lee is now an employee of the buyer.

For more information about how TAP might work for you, contact us at confidential@cbiteam.com or call 877-582-5200 for a free, confidential consultation because the business you want to buy isn’t for sale.

Young's Closing for Newsletter

Young’s Pharmacy has new owners according to Larry Young, owner and founder.

The well known Poteau, Oklahoma pharmacy was purchased earlier this month by Mr. and Mrs. Andy Shah of Mesquite, Texas.

Carl Grimes and Dan Evans of Confidential Business Intermediaries Northwest Arkansas and Fort Smith/River Valley offices brought the Youngs and Shahs together to accomplish the transaction.

Grimes, who is Chairman of the Board of CBI, said, “Dan Evans worked diligently to build a relationship with Mr. Young who was a tremendous asset in bring the deal to a successful conclusion.”
During the marketing of the pharmacy, many new buyers were added to the CBI+TEAM database.

teacher's pet

Teacher’s Pet Preschool has new ownership according to Connor Grimes, Managing Partner of Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI TEAM of Central Arkansas (www.cbiteam.com). Business owners Suzanna and Jim Pate, Jennie and John Harrison and Jan Stafford sold the business to Angela and Mark Todd of Little Rock. Shep Campbell, Senior Intermediary with the CBI Central Arkansas office was listing and selling intermediary for the transaction according to Grimes.

Teacher’s Pet was established in 1985 as a preschool designed to meet the needs of the children of teachers in North Little Rock and Central Arkansas.

New owners Mark and Angela plan to maintain the standards and staff of Teacher’s Pet and continue the excellent service and care established by the founders.

CBI Central Arkansas is part of Confidential Business Intermediaries, the largest business brokerage company serving both Main Street and Middle Market Mergers and Acquisitions from three Arkansas offices, Little Rock, Springdale, and Fort Smith.

Teacher’s Pet is the second preschool sold by Mr. Campbell in the last few months and he has compiled a large database of buyers through the process. He is also familiar with licensing and can assist in finding loans for new buyers through the unique and proprietary Loans 4 Biz (www.loans4biz.biz) program offered by CBI.

Parson Closing for Newsletter

Parsons’ Blind Company has new owners, according to Lisa and Donnie Parsons.

In just ten years Parsons’ Blind Company went from a small business started in the Parsons garage, to a multi-million dollar business serving the window fixture needs of the Northwest Arkansas Area. It has been purchased by Les and Barbara Davis of Tulsa, OK.

Carl Grimes, and Corby Wright of Confidential Business Intermediaries of Northwest Arkansas brought the Parsons’ and Davis’ together to complete this deal.

Grimes and Wright worked hard to sell this listing in just 5 months. Such a quick turn around was only possible due to Confidential Business Intermediaries vast buyer database, which is searched for a suitable buyer with every new listing.

SOLD CW Sports Graphics

Patrick Stewart is the new owner of CW Sports Graphics according to Mark Kincannon, Owner/Managing Partner of Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI TEAM. Scotty Jones, was the previous owner of CW Sports Graphics, a leader in the screen-printing and embroidery business in Fort Smith. CW Sports Graphics specializes in providing t-shirts and uniforms to sports teams and organizations all over the Fort Smith-River Valley region.

Scotty Jones, an experienced entrepreneur who has sold business he’s built before, approached Mark Kincannon about his desire to sell CW Sports Graphics. Utilizing the CBI Team’s process and relationships built within the community Mark was able to identify Patrick Stewart as a potential buyer. Both seller and buyer were pleased with the process and the result. Patrick Stewart said, “ Thanks to Mark Kincannon and the CBI+Team for helping us through this process. You’ve been great from day one. I didn’t know much of anything about buying a business when this all started. Thanks for your patience…”

If you’re thinking about selling or buying a business in the Fort Smith/River Valley region give Mark Kincannon a call at
479-784-9522 for a free consultation or email him at mark.kincannon@cbiteam.com


Dr. Jim Lee and Dr. Todd Stewart were brought together by Mark Kincannon of Confidential Business Intermediaries, the CBI TEAM resulting in the recent sale of Lee Pediatric Dentistry to Kidz Choice of Fort Smith. Dr. Lee will continue to work with Dr. Stewart to continue serving families in the Fort Smith area.

After being courted by several dental management groups without an intermediary’s representation in the past Dr. Lee asked Mark Kincannon and the CBI TEAM to help him sell his practice. Because of extenuating circumstances Dr. Lee had an unusually short time frame in which he needed to sell his practice. Utilizing the CBI TEAM’s proven process and built-in relationships two quick offers were secured. Dr. Lee commented to Mark Kincannon several times, “You’ve earned your money today.” Dr. Lee agreed to sell to Dr. Todd Stewart and Kidz Choice Fort Smith. When asked how the process of selling to Dr. Stewart went Dr. Lee’s response was, “Very good. I’m very pleased.” Dr. Lee continues to serve the Fort Smith community with Kidz Choice of Fort Smith.

The Resident Chef

SOLD: Resident Chef

The Resident Chef has transferred ownership from Sherri Vadala to Mark and Kathy Janus thanks to The CBI Team and Senior Intermediary, Casey Grimes. Sherri learned about The CBI Team from Casey a few years ago when he reached out to her about helping her sell the business. Sherri wasn’t interested at the time, but Casey stayed in contact with her and at the end of 2015 she reached the point that she was ready to sell. After Sherri retained The CBI Team to sell The Resident Chef, it was confidentially marketed to several thousand potential buyers. The perfect match was discovered when Mark and Kathy Janus learned about the opportunity. Casey and The CBI Team founder, Carl Grimes worked diligently to structure a deal acceptable to both parties. Almost as soon as the business was taken to market, The CBI Team was able to sell it. The Resident Chef officially transferred ownership on March 4, 2016.

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Sunny Side Pool Service

SOLD: Sunny Side Pool ServiceThanks to Daniel Herring at Emerald Coast Business Intermediaries, an affiliate of CBI+Team, Sunny Side Pool Service has transferred ownership from Jason and Nicole Webb to Michael Whitson. Sunny Side Pool Service is a pool maintenance and repair company that services Florida’s Bay and Walton Counties. Their client list covers many prestigious neighborhoods along the Emerald Coast.

Jason has agreed to stay on for two months to introduce Michael to the client list and demonstrate some “tricks of the trade”. Michael saw an outstanding opportunity to grow an already successful business and has moved his family from Arkansas to the Florida Panhandle. In January, Jason and Nicole entrusted Emerald Coast Business Intermediaries to confidentially market and sell their business and in eight short weeks Sunny Side Pool Service was sold. The business officially transferred ownership on February 25, 2016.

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Brad’s Tire and Automotive Service

Sold- Brad's Tire

Brad’s Tire and Automotive Service of Springdale, Arkansas transferred ownership from Brad and Brenda Ward to Rick and Mary Funderburg thanks to help from Confidential Business Intermediaries/CBI+Team.

Corby Wright and Jon Holbert of CBI+Team helped the Wards sell their business by gathering material critical to the sales process and marketing it confidentially through CBI+Team’s confidential marketing plan. After the Funderburgs displayed interest in the business and met with the Sellers, Corby Wright worked diligently to structure a deal acceptable for both parties. The transfer of ownership occurred February 1st, 2016.

J Gumbos

SOLD: J Gumbos
J Gumbos,  transferred ownership from Amber and Glenn Hudson to Brian and Kimberly Speck thanks to The CBI+Team of Central Arkansas under Managing Partner Connor Grimes. Shep Campbell, Senior Intermediary for The CBI+Team, reached out to the Hudsons about a separate restaurant listing in September of 2015. Glenn and Amber were very impressed with CBI’s processes and Shep’s work ethic, thus decided to retain The CBI+Team to confidentially list, market and sell both of their J Gumbos restaurants. Brian and Kimberly Speck found The CBI+Team and the franchise resale opportunity through CBI’s aggressive confidential marketing and by the middle of October an agreement had been reached. 

New Smile Family Dentistry

New Smile Family Dentistry

Thanks to Casey Grimes and the CBI+Team, New Smile Dentistry transferred ownership from Dr. Robert Beyer to Dr. Matt Reith. Dr. Beyer has owned and operated New Smile since having to relocate from Louisiana when Hurricane Katrina hit in 2005. Dr. Beyer will remain with the practice to help ease the transition over to Dr. Reith.

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Sport Shop

Pictured above from left to right: Kim Willse, Brandon Turley, Becca, Cecila and Erick Troppoli (Buyers), and Jim and Becky Blake (Sellers).

Sports Shop of Benton, Arkansas is under new ownership.After 30 years of successful operation, Jim and Becky Blake sold the business to the Cecilia Troppoli Family. The transaction was handled by Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI Team. Cecilia Troppoli said, “Our family will continue to operate the business as the Blakes have by providing excellent service to Central Arkansas sports teams, including high schools.”

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A & J Markings

A & J MarkingsA&J Markings of Tulsa, Oklahoma, a 21 year old industrial printing business, was sold to US Sign, owned by Wayne Pyle. Mr. Angelo Huerta, the seller, is planning to retire after assisting in training.The transaction was facilitated by Roy Still of Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI Team.

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 Otter Creek Preschool

SOLD! Otter Creek PreschoolThanks to the hard work of Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI+Team of Central Arkansas another business has sold! Otter Creek Preschool, owned by Cindy Morgan, has been serving the southwest part of Little Rock since 1980 and has developed a reputation as a first-class childcare program. Within 3 months Shep Campbell, Senior Intermediary for The CBI+Team, helped Cindy prepare the business for sale, confidentially take it to the market, qualify buyers, and sell the business to Melissa Rackers.

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Mix N Pack

SOLD! Mix N PackMix N Pack, a food product manufacturing and distribution company transferred ownership from Carolyn and Richard Plezia to Lewis and Natalie Mahoney with the help from The CBI+Team of Central Arkansas. Shep Campbell was the exclusive intermediary, working alongside Managing Partner, Connor Grimes for Mix N Pack and it’s sellers Carolyn and Richard Plezia. The Plezia’s reached out to The CBI+Team and Shep Campbell in September 2014 to inquire about selling their business. In less than 6 months the business attracted well over 50 interested buyers and on February 9th, 2015 the business officially sold.

Luigi’s Pizza & Pasta

SOLD! Luigi's Pizza and PastaLuigi’s Pizza & Pasta, a longstanding and top-notch Italian restaurant in Central Arkansas, transferred ownership from Hamid Pezeshk to Diego and Teresa Miceli thanks to the hard work from CBI+Team intermediary Kristi Patton and CBI’s Central Arkansas office. After meeting with Kristi towards the end of 2014, the CBI+Team was able to prepare the business for sale, confidentially take it to the market, qualify buyers, and sell the restaurant well below the industry’s average time.

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Pinnacle North Corporate Aircraft Interiors

SOLD! Pinnacle NorthWhen Pinnacle North Corporate Aircraft Interiors management realized they needed additional capital funds to grow their company to meet greater demands, they reached out to Tom Stanton, Senior Business Intermediary for CBI+Team’s Central Arkansas location. CBI immediately sought additional capital to enlarge Pinnacle’s resources for growth for this well-established Little Rock company.

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Sunshine Dental Clinic

SOLD! Sunshine Dental ClinicOnce again, Casey Grimes and the CBI+Team helped a dental practice transfer ownership! Sunshine Dental Clinic, owned and operated by Dr. Scott Taylor, DDS since 1999, is one of Fayetteville, Arkansas’ most well known dental clinics. In the spring of 2014, Dr. Taylor decided it was time to begin thinking about his exit strategy and move toward retirement. Dr. Taylor heard about the CBI+Team through an associate and after meeting with Casey Grimes, Senior Intermediary for the CBI+Team, he knew there was nobody better able to handle the process of selling his practice than Casey and his team. Once the practice was confidentially listed for sale it received a tremendous amount of interest and after being on the market for only 6 months, it was sold on October 15th, 2014.

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GQ Inspection Service in Central Arkansas!

SOLD! GQ Inspection Service, Inc.After recently celebrating its 35th year in business, GQ Inspection Service transferred ownership from Greg Quinney to Dennis Evans. Thanks to the hard work of Andrew Graham and the rest of the CBI+Team in Central Arkansas, GQ Inspection Service was sold on September 3rd, 2014. Andrew Graham, Business Intermediary for the CBI+Team, approached Greg Quinney in late March about how the CBI+Team can help him sell his business. Mr Quinney was impressed with Andrew’s presentation and agreed to partner with the CBI+Team in Central Arkansas to sell his business.

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Texas Best Organic Rices

SOLD! TBORTwo CBI+Team offices collaborate to ensure the transfer of ownership of Texas Best Organic Rices! J.L. Jones, Managing Partner of the CBI+Team office of Southwest Missouri and Shep Campbell, Senior Intermediary for the CBI+Team office of Central Arkansas worked together to complete the deal between the selling and buying parties of this great business. In June 2014 the family that owns Texas Best Organic Rices (TBOR), the Slacks, approached the CBI+Team to sell their business. On February 5th, 2014 the business offices exchanged ownership from the Slacks to Mr. Bob Schermer.

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Jerry Sparrow D.D.S.

SOLD! Jerry Sparrow D.D.S.After practicing dentistry for over 40 years, Dr. Jerry Sparrow DDS has sold his dental practice through the CBI+Team and is retiring. Dr. Sparrow contacted Casey Grimes, Senior Intermediary for the CBI+Team in late 2013 because he had heard that Casey is a specialist in selling dental practices and was also selling several other practices. Casey helped Dr. Sparrow prepare his practice for sale and also identified the buyers, Dr. Monty Heathman DDS and Dr. Chad Matone DDS, who had also bought another dental practice through Casey and the CBI+Team in March of 2013.

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Indian Springs Tag Agency in Tulsa County

SOLD! Indian Springs Tag AgencyIndian Springs Tag Agency in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma transferred ownership from Diane Williamson to Crystal Smith thanks to the hard work of CBI+Team’s Roy Still. Several hurdles appeared before the deal was finalized, but Roy Still and the CBI Management Team was prepared and overcame the obstacles as they arose.

This was a rare opportunity because Tag Agencies are limited by the State of Oklahoma and the only way to own one is to buy an existing location. Since these businesses rarely become available, hundreds of buyers immediately showed interest. Roy Still handled every buyer and did his research to make sure that each met both the buyer’s and the state’s requirements to purchase the business. After sifting through each buyer, Roy found that Crystal Smith met all requirements and made a perfect match for this opportunity.

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Unique Home-Based Business Sold!

SOLD! Attention To DetailNWA Attention To Detail, a one-of-a-kind opportunity, was sold for the second time through The CBI+Team and one of its intermediaries Jon Holbert. Once again, this unique business was prepared, listed and sold within the month of June. The previous owners, Ray and Donna Fayen, officially transferred ownership to Scot and Robyn Thurman on June 27th, 2014.

The Fayen’s originally purchased NWA Attention to Detail through the CBI+Team from Trish Dossett in January 2013. The Fayen’s revisited the CBI+Team a year later when they decided to sell the business due to a conflict of interests with other businesses they operate. The Fayen’s chose to work with Jon Holbert again because of the “professionalism displayed and seamless transaction” they had when they bought the business.

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Ace Hardware in Coweta, Oklahoma

SOLD! Ace Hardware- Coweta, OklahomaOriginally built in 1903 as Morrow Hardware, Coweta Lumber & Hardware has provided the Coweta, Oklahoma community with all home improvement, repair, construction and do-it-yourself needs. William Gilstrap bought the business in 1999 and made several substantial changes such as; extensive expansion and remodeling, adding the lumber hard lines and acquiring the ACE brand.

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Wilson Industrial Tires
Springdale, Arkansas

Kenny Wilson (Seller), Mark Porter and Vicki Wood (Buyers) speak with Carl Grimes about the sale of Wilson Industrial Tires.

Paul Fitzgerald D.D.S.
Sheridan, Arkansas

Dr. Paul Fitzgerald and his wife Penny speak about how The CBI+Team handled the sale of their practice.

NWA Attention To Detail
Springdale, Arkansas

SOLD! Attention To Detail

Buyers and Sellers celebrate the transfer of Northwest Arkansas Attention to Detail

“I must say, my entire experience with CBI has been nothing but a great one. The moment I walked in, I was greeted and welcomed by everyone in the building.”

“My broker, Jon Holbert, walked me thru the selling of my company, step by step. He explained everything to me in detail and simplicity. He showed an excellent knowledge in his line of work, and followed thru with all he promised. That’s just something you don’t get much of these days. I felt from day one, that he was there for my best interest.”

“I would, and already have, recommend CBI to anyone in the business field for buying or selling. I look forward to doing business with CBI again as I build my next business.”

-Trish Dossett

Owner of NWA Attention to Detail

Partial List of Businesses Sold by The CBI+Team

  • Brad’s Tire & Automotive
  • J Gumbos
  • Aquaticare
  • New Smiles Family Dentistry
  • A&J Markings, Inc.
  • SportShop
  • Dental Solutions
  • Luigi’s Pizza & Pasta
  • Barker Family Dentistry
  • Otter Creek Daycare
  • HodgePodge
  • Mix N Pack
  • Texas Best Organic Rices
  • Bobby’s Country Cookin’
  • Pinnacle North
  • Sunshine Dental
  • Jerry Sparrow DDS
  • Old Mill Bread Company
  • 40th Street Towing & Repair
  • Arkansas Orthodontics (Multiple Locations)
  • Indian Spring Tag Agency
  • GQ Inspection Service
  • Christian Publisher’s Outlet
  • Wilson Industrial Tires
  • Brown Telephone Company
  • Allstate Insurance Agency
  • Marsh Racing Tires
  • REB Quarry
  • A&B Accessories
  • ServPro (Multiple Locations)
  • Fantastic Sam’s Group
  • Golf Cars of Arkansas
  • Sport Clips (Multiple Locations)
  • Daylight Donuts (Multiple Locations)
  • South’s Health Food Store
  • Northwest Arkansas Pool & Spa
  • Midas
  • Dairy Queen
  • Midland Bowl
  • Datakeepers Technology
  • Home Town Flea Market
  • Central Fastening Systems
  • ServiceMaster
  • Auntie Anne’s & Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
  • Hidden House Products
  • NWA Attention to Detail (Twice)
  • Willy D’s
  • Guido’s Pizza
  • Beebe Heat & Air
  • A to Z Vending
  • Boar’s Nest
  • Libertas Software
  • And hundreds more in Arkansas, Missouri & Oklahoma