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Welcome to the CBI+Team’s website for buyers. This website was developed to help business buyers search for current businesses for sale and to provide additional resources to aid buyers in the process of acquiring a business.

Outlined below are ten primary advantages of business acquisition vs start-up:

  1. Much lower risk of failure.
  2. Business generates cash flow from day one.
  3. Proven business concept and processes.
  4. Proven products, services, marketing and sales strategies.
  5. Established customer base providing referrals and references.
  6. Established suppliers.
  7. Trained employees in place.
  8. Immediate credibility and perception of success.
  9. Seller likely to lend support and may assist with financing.
  10. Easier to secure affordable financing to complete the acquisition.

CBI+Team Website for Buyers“Helping People Sell & Buy Businesses¬†To Secure Their Financial Future”