Growing restaurant chain with two prime locations nets over $1,300,000. Great management team already in place for new buyer.  This well established popular and service oriented dining concept includes prime real estate with unique architecture. Revenue and profits continue to grow and offers other untapped revenue sources. Exceptional and tenured management staff is in place for a seamless transition. High employee satisfaction, and lower than industry average turnover rate have created a dedicated, well-trained staff. A robust catering segment is in place, but primed for growth through more aggressive marketing. This dining concept is perfect for franchising.

Trailing 13 month period boasts almost $6,000,000 in sales, EBITDA over $1,000,000 and seller discretionary earnings (SDE) over $1,350,000. Growth opportunities include expanding the catering operation, marketing of value added products (sauces, dressings) and adding alcohol sales, just to name a few.

Filling out the Form Below will serve as an electronic signature agreeing to the following Non-Disclosure Agreement.

Confidential Business Intermediaries,The CBI Team has been engaged by Company (Seller/Business Owner) to represent the sale of a multi-location restaurant business. Our agreement with Company requires us to obtain a​​ Non‑Disclosure ​Agreement.  Information ​disclosed by ​you​, a prospective buyer, will be kept confidential, unless and until such time as an offer is made by you on​ this​ business. 

By executing this NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) undersigned prospective Buyer (Signor) agrees:

1. Not to disclose to anyone other than internal business associates and legal advisors that Business is for sale.

2. This agreement is binding on Signor and other members of the Signor’s company with whom Signor may share information. Signor shall be responsible for the violation of this agreement or unauthorized disclosure by Signor’s business associates and legal advisors.

3. This NDA pertains only to the name, location and other private information of the business. Information that is available through public sources is exempt from this agreement.

4. Signor understands that Business covered by this NDA is listed as a business for sale with CBI+Team/Confidential Business Intermediaries (Intermediary) and that Intermediary has a sole and exclusive right to sell and that Intermediary is being paid by Business.

5. Signor will not attempt to make contact with Business without first contacting and obtaining permission from Intermediary, other than through the normal course of business, if any.

6. Not to use information about Business for any reason other than evaluating Business for a possible acquisition by Signor or Signor’s company.

7. All information provided to Signor has been provided by Business. Intermediary is not responsible for accuracy and Intermediary is released from any liability for information.

8. If Signor submits an offer to purchase the business, then Signor/Buyer  will provide financial bona fides demonstrating Signor/Buyer’s financial ability to make a purchase on the terms of the offer. 

9. Any dispute between Signor, Business and/or Intermediary will be governed by the laws of the state of Arkansas and will be determined in a court of appropriate jurisdiction in Washington County, Arkansas.

10. It is acknowledged that break of this Agreement by Buyer will cause Seller substantial economic damages and losses of types and in amounts which are impossible to compute and ascertain with certainty, and that Seller shall have all rights and remedies available at law to enforce this Agreement, including, without limitation money damages and injunctive relief. 

11. Signor understands that the information provided on Business shall be provided in the form of a Confidential Deal Room (CDR) that is established by Broker on behalf of Business. CDR access will be by password only and a password shall be provided to Signor upon Signor execution of this agreement and return to Intermediary via fax or e-mail with valid signature(s) of Signor(s). Signor understands that Signor may not download or print information from the CDR without Intermediary permission. Such permission may be granted either in facsimile or e-mail by Intermediary.


For more information contact Tim Trivitt of Confidential Business Intermediaries/The CBI+Team today at (479) 530-0169 ortim.trivitt@cbiteam.com



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